Some photos from The Gower Peninsula – Please click on image to enlarge.

Mewslade Bay-by-Gordon-HattonPennard Pill and Three Cliffs bay-by-Kev-GriffinBracelet Bay-by-George-HopkinsThree Cliffs Bay-by-Jeremy-BolwellRhossili-by-Burgess-Von-Thunen

Oxwich bay-by-Hywel-WilliamsPobbles Beach-by-Kev-GriffinRhossili Bay-by-Burgess-Von-ThunenBroughton Bay-by-Kev-GriffinPwlldu Bay-by-Jeremy-Bolwell

Pembrey Beach, looking toward The Gower-by-Alistair-HareRhossili Beach-by-Susannah-MuldoonHorton, Port Eynon Bay-by-Kev-GriffinTor Bay-by-Trevor-RickardLooking towards Mumbles Head and lighthouse-by-Pam-Brophy

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